Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Past Life Regression

Last week on 30th April and 1st May, there was an interesting workshop in Hotel Fern, Jaipur. Dr. Newton Kodaveti (www.liferesearchacademy.com) and his wife Laxmi conducted this workshop to make the participants learn and have a glimpse of past life. Out of curiosity, I also joined. If you have watched a TV serial on NDTV 'Raj Pichle Janam ka', it was something like that. There were different sessions to identify and link your present time illness, fear and relationship issue with your past life.

Some of the participants were really enthusiastic and were able to identify themselves as soldier, boxer, healer, attorney or saint in past life. With many different sessions for meditation, it was a good start for many participants. By linking your present life problems with past life, you may learn acceptance and feel that you are getting fruit of your own deeds. It will help you in handling the situation in better way in present life.

Most of it is what our elders talk in general. When a child is young, looking at his or her traits, elders comment that he was this or that in his past life. Looking at extraordinary knowledge, it is considered to be from past life. There are many instances when people remembered their past birth and facts could be verified as well.

Anyways, it's a good idea to know more about what's happening around us in present life. It may not be right to assume that there was nothing before this life and nothing will be after this life. Hindu, Jain, Boddha always believe in rebirth concept. A person may get a lot of clues about his past life by looking at his interests, dreams, familiar feelings about places, people or objects.

Many of us don't have time for meditation or any such thing. But when we want to make best use of our time, we must remember there is only one life and check our day that we are repeating the same routine for most of the day. Then why don't we take a chance and try something new, even if it has no meaning. Life's meaning is within us and meditation is only way to go inside. All other methods of knowledge are talking of outside world. The whole universe is inside us and what we see outside is just reflection of the same. That's the only reason that the same situation is interpreted in different ways by different people.

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