Tuesday, March 22, 2011


If you read history, you will find nothing new!


The universe is always same. A continuous stream of events is happening and repeating again and again. The whole purpose of this universe is to let us be happy forever. To reach to ultimate joy, is the whole purpose of life.

'Getting sad over what's happening' is not different than 'getting sad during a bad dream'. According to Hindu philosophy this whole world is a dream with open eyes.

Nothing is permanent here. So when you are so happy about some thing, just remember that it will pass away. When you are so sad about something, just remind yourself that it will pass away.

Big events/ articles/ achievements can make you happy for sometime but only after a long period of struggle and with passage of time, the happiness evaporates.

On the other hand there are so many small things/events which can make you happy again and again. At some point in life you find that there is less struggle and more peace. Getting happy with small things and ignoring what makes you sad, is the key to happiness. In the disasters, when you feel an urge to do something, do your bit and you will be happy. Life is difficult when you try to live with your mind. It becomes easier when you ignore bad and get happiness from small actions/events. There are many creatures like honeybee who have shorter life span and bigger struggles, still we praise them. Our happiness is an internal matter and it has got little to do with external events.

When we raise this question, why is it so and feel helpless then we become sad. If we accept that it is so because it is to be so, then we are just calm and will see what should be done at our end. Some of us are happy with leading people to change, some of us are happy contributing some money to needy ones, some of us are happy to contribute time (voluntary services) and some of us just keep on talking or keep on thinking about it. We have to understand our own nature and act accordingly. When we act according to our nature, we become happy.

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