Friday, March 25, 2011


An employee gets salary against his time devoted to his company, but the question is that if it is enough to get salary against time?

To answer it, let's look at - Time. Time is essentially LIFE in other words. LIFE is TIME available to a person in his lifetime. So the question is what is real value for LIFE. Life's purpose is ENJOY THE MOMENT. To deliver value out of life, one has to enjoy it.

Now the question is how does one enjoy. The universal phenomenon is that one enjoys while one learns. That's why even the best enjoyment gets boring after repetitions. The feeling to know something, still unknown is the cause of enjoyment.

So the value of time can not be adjusted with salary payments. The only way to get paid for time, is that the employee is learning at his job. So the key is to learn, if you want to get real value out of your job.

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