Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My favourite quotations

A man reveals his character even in the simplest thing he does.-Jean de La Bruye're

Sleep at night as if it is your last day of life. When get up in morning, thank GOD for providing one more day to enjoy.

Enjoy every moment.

The only way to enjoy is to learn.

The only way to have more is to give.

The money spent belongs to you, the money with you does not belong to you, if it did belong to you, it would have accompanied you. Nothing goes with you except your mind full of memories (Sanskar).

You can give only what you have. You should be happy if you want to make others happy. By getting sad of not enjoying your things and leaving them for others, you get nothing. Sacrifice can be done only by happy people. Having pain in your brain, you don't help anyone.

Your tears are precious, don't waste them.

Your deeds, thoughts and every action are being recorded. The recorder (Chitragupt) is sitting within you and will accompany you even beyond this life.

If the money is taken away from people, it is as painful as taking away skin from body.

Leave the person for the welfare of family, Leave the family for the welfare of city, Leave the city for the welfare of nation and Leave the whole world for your own welfare.

With empty pockets, you may not be confident.

All addictions come from lack of confidence.

There is nothing like over-confidence. Lack of confidence is displayed as over confidence by aggressive personality.

Nobody is perfect. But it does not mean that you stop trying to be perfect.

The new generation is smarter. Still to understand some ideas, you have to be older. Being old for getting experience is too costly affair.

Your parents want nothing but smile on your face.

You must spent time with your parents, your spouse, your kids to make them happy. You must spent time with your friends to make yourself happy.

Being transparent is better than not being transparent.

TRUTH is panacea for most 'communication' diseases.

Love is sweet poison for all enemies.

You can't purchase someone by money but find out value.

There is nothing like too much love. There is nothing like too little money.

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